Welcome N.A.S (Nut Allergy Sufferers!)

Hello “Nut Allergy Sufferers”,

Welcome to ‘It’s a Hard Nut Life‘, a blog I started so that I could share information and advice with other young people that have nut allergies. I decided to start the blog because while growing up, I never felt like there was a place that I could go to to get advice or information on living with a nut allergy as a teen. It seemed like there was LOADS of information out there telling you what to eat, how to protect yourself and talking to other sufferers, but nothing out there that a teenager might want to know while growing up with this nuisance. The information that I wanted was stuff like what to do when you eat out with friends and tips on carrying your epipen around.

Through this blog, I want to talk about my experiences with an allergy and give my personal advice on different awkward scenarios and situations where having an allergy could be embarrassing or difficult. These will be MY opinions and MY advice so by all means don’t follow it to the letter or use it as a rulebook, just read about my life with the allergy and hopefully some of the information on this blog might make yours a little easier.

Thanks a lot,

Fellow N.A.S (Nut Allergy Sufferer!),

Leo Tramer


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