Stupid things that contain Nuts!

So this is a list of ridiculous and unsuspecting products that contain nuts. Some will surprise you….

Orange Juice – Heart healthy orange juice such as Minute Maid Heart Wise contains plan sterols which are derived from peanuts

Meat – Well, one meat in particular really. Mortadella is an Italian sausage that often contains pistachios

Tea – There are various types of tea that contain nuts, in particular almonds and walnuts

Dynamite – A very strange one, but in the manufacturing of dynamite, black walnut shells are used

Bean bag chairs, Hacky Sacks and Stuffed Animals – Weirdly they’re occasionally stuffed with peanut shells (not Styrofoam, REAL peanuts!)

Shampoo and soaps – It’s quite common to get nut extracts in these products

Lip Gloss – BE CAREFUL GUYS! See my “Dating with a Nut Allergy” post for the dangers of kissing

Paint – Walnut shells are occasionally used to add texture to paint

Tyres – Odd as it may be, but one particular tyre company, Toyo, use walnut shells to line their tyres for added traction in the winter.

Sponge – The company 3M make sponges that contain walnut shells

Fluoride – That stuff that’s in your toothpaste and at the dentist sometimes contains pine nuts

Toothpaste – One to really watch out for. Apparently various types of toothpaste contain nuts with one including the popular brand Sensodyne

Charcoal – This fire-lighter can occasionally contain peanut extracts. Weird and pointless,  I know

Shoes – Mainly for the same reason as tyres, often the soles of shoes will have crushed walnut in them for traction

Juggling Balls – Occasionally they’re stuffed with nut shells to fill them

Spray Tans – Being made to look like a chestnut, might make you look like a balloon if using spray tans containing walnut extract

Door Mats – Strangely, welcome mats are often made using nut derivatives

If you can think of any other weird and not-so-wonderful nutty products, let me know and i’ll add them to the list!

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14 thoughts on “Stupid things that contain Nuts!

  1. Potting soil some with coccnut husks others have peanuts or treenuts and or shells in them.(still trying to grasp this concept)

  2. Potting soil often contains peanut shells or pieces of peanut – sometimes with a ‘may contain traces of’ label on the side or back if the bag.
    Some Burger restaurants use peanut oil for French fries and deep frying
    Same a some potato chips use peanut oil
    Ear medicine

  3. I found out the hard wait that Raid ant baits use peanut butter/oil in their traps. It’s got a warning label in Canada but not in the United States.

  4. I discovered that Duraflame “All Natural” fire logs contain walnut shells! FAAN, now FARE, didn’t put out an alert because they determined it wasn’t nec because it wasn’t ingested.

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