Remembering your Epipen!


Ok N.A.S’s, this is going to be a short one. Remembering your Epipen. Now anyone that doesn’t have an Epipen will probably think “How hard can that be to remember?!”. If you don’t have an Epipen, you have NO IDEA how hard it is to remember! The words impossible, tedious and bane-of-my-existence come to mind…

Right so like me, what you want are solutions! When you walk out of that door, you want to be confident that you have remembered your Epipen. I’ll be honest, I don’t have much on the subject because its such a pain in the bum and still bothers me even to this day! Either way, here are the few solutions I’ve managed to string together over the years:

1. Reminders – Use reminders on your phone to remind you to take your Epipen with you. For instance, let’s say you’re going out for dinner and have agreed a time to meet. Think about what time you’ll need to leave to get there on time and then set a reminder to ‘REMEMBER YOUR EPIPEN’ 10 minutes earlier. To be honest this is the one that works the best…if you can remember to put a reminder on your mobile!

2. Attachments – This is a little trick that I use on a regular basis and is very likely to ensure that you don’t forget your Epipen. If you attach you Epipen to your keys, wallet, coat or something that you will definitely remember, then you are far more likely to remember to take it with you!…or leave your wallet AND Epipen at home!

3. Briefcase/School Bag – This ones quite similar to the last but works best when you have a daily routine such as work, school, college or Uni. If you leave your Epipen in the bag that you take with you every day, you’re very unlikely to forget it because you take your bag with you everywhere! The only downside to this method is if you leave your bag at home! Then you’re screwed!

So that’s the list guys, sorry its short and poorly detailed, I wrote it on the bus on my iPhone. (Also if any of you have any more/better suggestions, by all means let me know and I’ll stick them in!)

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Remembering your Epipen!

  1. Get a leg holster or waist pouch, put them next to your keys and cel phone, and make it a habit not to leave home without them. Carry the Epipen’s on you at all times. Carrying them in a leg holster like the legbuddy is discreet and after few days is just like putting on socks 🙂

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