Friends + Allergies

I have a great group of friends. Seriously they’re the best! When my allergy first began to be something for them to become aware of, they were great! I’ve been friends with the same bunch for about 4 or 5 years and they have always treated my allergy the same way I do, carefully. From going out to restaurants to making me breakfast, they check the packets, ask the waiter, do the whole shebang!

So i’m guessing by now you’re probably thinking that this post is just me talking about my friends and my experiences. Well actually I’m going to give you some information that might be useful about how to behave with your allergy around friends and how to make yourself as safe as possible.

Training your friends to use an epipen

Right, so for starters, before getting into a relationship, I used to hang out with my friends quite a lot (I still do!). When socialising with them while I was younger, it kind of dawned on me that I was the only one that knew how to use my epipen! (Ok, so I put an exclamation mark in, but it’s not really a bit shock!). I thought “If I have a reaction and can’t do it myself…what’s going to happen!). That’s a road that you don’t want to go down and by simply teaching one or two of your friends how to use your epipen, it can be avoided! If they’re good friends, i’m sure they’ll be happy to learn and if they’re not well then…they suck! Anyway, a couple of my friends were not only happy to learn, but were also curious and really wanted to learn. So I taught them! That one little lesson of “How to save Leo’s life” made me feel so much more comfortable in eating situations and about hanging out with them in general. Since getting into a relationship, some of the new-comers in my group of friends haven’t been taught how to use my epipen, but that’s sheerly because I now have a beautiful, gorgeous girlfriend who is very capable of doing it!

Going to bars with friends

This topic is actually based on a very real situation that I had. Back when I was hanging out with a not-so-great group of friends, we used to go to bars a lot and drink and stuff. This one time we went to our usual bar, they started having a childish, amateurish food fight with every bar in the world’s favourite snack, nuts! This really upset and scared me because I thought that they were a good group of friends and they knew about my allergy and it seemed quite hurtful that they would, and i’m not trying to be dramatic here, risk my life! So after that experience and a few other unsavoury ones, I dropped them and never looked back. If your friends don’t care about your allergy or that it could seriously affect you, then they’re kind of sucky friends. So number one top tip for going to bars with friends, if they start throwing nuts at each other, leave and don’t look back!

Drinking with friends

I know this is kind of similar to the last one, but just go with it. Recently, weirdly enough, one of my very good friends and I were in a sweet shop and she was picking out something to buy. She was being REALLY fussy and I was wondering why she was taking so long. I asked and she told me that it was because we were going out drinking later and if we shared a drink at any point, she didn’t want me to have a reaction over a silly drunken accident. (Yeah I told you they were pretty great!). So she was searching for a while trying to find a bar of chocolate that didn’t contain nuts. WAY HARDER THAN YOU THINK! So in the end, she couldn’t find anything and chose one with nuts in…because there wasn’t much choice! Anyway, although she picked a nutty chocolate bar, it helps prove my point that when you’re drinking with friends, DON’T DRINK FROM THEIR GLASS! (Unless they pinky-swear to you that they haven’t eaten nuts that day!)

So they’re not big rules of anything, but just a couple of points that I like to live by and that help me out along the way.

I hope you found them useful and keep reading!

Thanks N.A.S’s

One thought on “Friends + Allergies

  1. As a mother of a teenage boy with life threatening food allergies, I appreciate your honestly and openness about life as a young man with food allergies. Even though he is underage to drink, the reality is that is right about the corner!

    Thanks please keep posting!

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