Side Effects – Strange-red-bumpy-lumps-on-skin!


Getting off the topic of Halloween left me a bit puzzled as to what to write next. I thought that I could start writing about Thanksgiving (but to be honest i’m British and don’t celebrate it!). Then I started thinking maybe Christmas? But no that’s still a bit early. So I thought the only other option i’ve got left is to write about things that I know, things that have effected me and that aren’t relevant to any particular holiday at the moment! So what did I come up with eh?

Well for the past 4 or 5 years i’ve been getting these funny red blotches on my skin whenever my skin gets irritated a bit. For years I thought that I just had sensitive skin until it started getting worse and gave me the strange ability to actually write messages and draw pictures on my skin in 3D. Then I thought that it was probably worth a trip to the doctors. (Now as a side note, i’m the sort of person that builds up their medical issues and then goes to the doctors with a big list!). So when I found a few other things wrong with me, I took a trip to the doctors and found out that I had a condition called Dermatographia. Don’t worry you can’t catch it! It just means that you have too much Histamine in your blood and when your skin gets irritated or scratched, it rises to the surface and causes a little bump.

Now the interesting part about this, and the reason i’m mentioning it on this blog is that the doctor told me that the reason that I had this condition was because of my allergy. He mentioned that a lot of people with allergies develop this condition and that it was quite common. This made me feel a bit better and be thankful that I didn’t have some horrible condition! Luckily Dermatographia is actually nearly symptom-less (except the bumps!) and won’t cause you any harm or problems. So the big reason i’m mentioning on this blog is because I have this condition and I wanted to know from any of you N.A.S’s out there whether you have it too!


As always, I hope you enjoyed the post and that you keep reading through my archive! And in particular, if you do suffer from this condition PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I’d love to know your stories with it and know whether it has effected your lives.

…Also if you suffer form the condition, feel free to send some pictures of the inventive artwork and pictures you’ve managed to create on your skin! Thanks a lot.


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