Happy New Year N.A.S!

‘A new year and new beginning’ tends to be the quote of the week popping up on my Facebook timeline every 5 minutes! But however clichéd, they’re right. This year i’ll be heading off travelling for up to a year which is the main headline of my year. So to the rest of you, I’d like to say Happy New Year and congratulations for surviving yet another year without succumbing to our dreadful allergy!

Now to kick off the advice/news/information portion of this post, i’d like to give a special mention to a restaurant that I visited fairly recently. Gourmet Burger King aka. GBK. If you are allergic to peanuts or any other nut for that matter, do not go there! Ever! The food there was fantastic, reasonably priced and I certainly wasn’t let down by the company that I had while eating my meal. There were two aspects of this restaurant that put it on my personal ‘Black List’, and those are:

NUTS! – Essentially there are enormous barrels of peanuts everywhere. They come with a huge scoop and are served to every customer as a free appetiser. Even customers with severe life-threatening allergies! I stayed at the restaurant after discovering this unpleasant fact just simply because I was starving hungry and there was no-where else near by. I also assumed that the staff would be able to help me as GBK are a fairly large chain in the UK. This leads me to my second point…

Staff – The staff at this particular establishment weren’t unkind or rude, they weren’t unpleasant in any way really. They were just useless. Their allergy knowledge was none, their mathematic skills were next-to-none (thanks to their trusty calculator!) and their overall they just had a general puzzled and knowledge-less expression of their faces most of the time. Now i’m not just harping on at them because they were dumb. But they were. I’m ranting because their knowledge of dealing with a life-threatening condition was atrocious and frankly dangerous! When asking if there was a risk of nuts in their food, not even the manager knew. Dumb. that is all.


So all in all…Don’t eat at GBK if you value your life as a N.A.S!

Thanks a keep reading!

One thought on “Happy New Year N.A.S!

  1. We live across the pond from you, but I still don’t understand why restaurants think big barrels of peanuts are attractive? Allergens aside, they are painfully messy. I personally don’t like tromping on food when I go into a restaurant. It feels filthy. There is a restaurant here in the USA called Texas Roadhouse–another peanut death trap. If you come to visit the US…avoid that restaurant at all costs!

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