Food you can eat!

This is a page sheerly dedicated to the positiveness of the food that you CAN eat! I decided to make it so that rather than being told all of the food that you can’t eat, “May Contain Traces of Nuts” and is risky, I going to build you a list of FOOD YOU CAN EAT! This list will include anything and everything from restaurants to biscuits and best of all you can add to it! Simply comment in the box below with your favourite nut free foods and i’ll check and pop all of them on the list. Enjoy!

Eating out:

  • Nandos are surprisingly helpful with their big book of nut free dishes!
  • The Rainforest Cafe
  • Pizza Hut
  • Wetherspoons even have nut free pesto!
  • So you know those funny little pieces of paper that you get on the trays at Mcdonalds? If you flip them over, they list every single nut-free product!



One thought on “Food you can eat!

  1. And I’m here in Australia as a teen with overprotective parents and an extremely servere peanut allergy who hates her life with allergies and now feels even more restricted in what she can eat and what she can do with her stupid life.

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